Saturday, January 23, 2010


alright, so yo. Everyone who knows me well knows that i take pride in my skateboarding skills. Im so confident in my skills that my favorite thing to do on a board is playing games of S.K.A.T.E. against anyone i see on a board. I dont think twice about asking pro skaters to play against me either. Heres looking at you HUF!!! Saying that me winning all of the time would be a lie BUT i win enough to keep wanna challenging other fools. I was lucky enough to be born with a strong center and coordination which is what skateboarding is all about. Its no wonder that i moved on to dance because the same kinda coordination applies. learning to do double tours was nothing compared to me trying a handrail. ANYWHO.........On a skateboard I have a pretty big bag of tricks that i more or less have on lock because im always trying to build up my stats. However, the one of the few tricks (well theres a lot) that im not comfortable with which so happens to be the tightest trick in the book and always gets me a letter in a game is the elusive TRES FLIP. Ive been skating over a decade and still have not landed one tres flip. Ive done variations of the trick like, nollie tres, switch tres but never a regular ol Tres Flip. Fuck i can do Rick Flips and still cant Tres. Today i was skating, practicing the trick even going as far as YouTubing the bitch and im getting close motherfuckers. Mark my words i will get that trick. The thing about the Tres Flip is that it makes everything look better. Im gonna show some videos below of myself (not landing the trick) and other pro skaters to prove my point.

i was watching this today on my Gphone while skating. Sad, i know

a clip of me skating a line which would have been mad tighter had i thrown in the Tres Flip.

heres another clip of a game of skate with the Tres Flip king Mike Mo vs. Billy Marks. Anyone else think he looks like Jason Swartz?






Joseph Phillips said...

if anyone needs to know how good you are, they should ask you, jk you'll get it

TAGsf said...

hmm....sounds to me like someone has heard that before and im not talking about myself son.